About SPTAGE Lab


SPTAGE Lab is directed by Dr. Weizhi Meng in the DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, focusing on cutting edge research on Security, Privacy and Trust in Communication and Information Systems.

To address application and practical security challenges in Denmark and beyond, we leverage various techniques such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, protocol analysis, behavior monitoring, applied cryptography, etc. Our current research topics include:

- Artificial intelligence
- Blockchain technology
- Biometric authentication
- Cyber intelligence techniques
- Intrusion detection
- IoT/CPS security
- Malware detection
- Risk analysis
- Smartphone security
- Trust management
- Usable security and privacy

News & Updates

October, 2023   Our paper "Securing IoT Firmware Dispatch System With Blockchain" has been accepted by IEEE Blockchain 2023. Congratulations Vince and Wei-Yang!

August, 2023   Our paper "Securing Offshore Installations Against Automatic Identification System Spoofing" has been accepted by IEEE Globecom 2023. Congratulations Grzegorz and Brooke!

August, 2023   We have two survey papers accepted by IEEE COMST ("Intrusion Detection in the Automotive Domain: A Comprehensive Review") and Expert Systems With Applications ("A Survey of Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection in Automotive Application"). Congratulations Brooke!

June, 2023   Our paper "Towards Quantifying Cross-Domain Maximal Extractable Value for Blockchain Decentralisation" has been accepted by ICICS 2023. Congratulations Johan!

June, 2023   Our paper "NoSneaky: A Blockchain-based Execution Integrity Protection Scheme in Industry 4.0" has been published by IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. Congratulations Wayne!

March, 2023   Our paper "No Free Wireless Charge: Covert Channels via Wireless Charging on Mobile Devices" has been accepted by IEEE DSN 2023. Congratulations Wayne!

November, 2022   Our paper "FolketID: A Decentralized Blockchain-based NemID Alternative against DDoS Attacks" has received the Best Paper Award from ProvSec 2023. Congratulations Wayne!

October, 2022   Our paper "Towards A Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-based European Parking System" has been accepted by ICPADS 2022. Congratulations Jonathan!

September, 2022   Our paper "Towards Enhanced EEG-based Authentication with Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interface" has been accepted by ACSAC 2022. Congratulations Bingkun!

August, 2022   Our paper "A Practical Blockchain-based Maintenance Record System for Better Aircraft Security" has been accepted by SciSec 2022, and received the Best Paper Award. Congratulations Wictor, Sille and Wayne!

August, 2022   Our three papers "IDS for CAN: A Practical Intrusion Detection System for CAN Bus Security", "Towards Artificial Neural Network Based Intrusion Detection with Enhanced Hyperparameter Tuning" and "TDL-IDS: Towards A Transfer Deep Learning based Intrusion Detection System" have been accepted by IEEE GLOBECOM 2022. Congratulations Brooke, Andrei and Xingguo!

June, 2022   Our paper "DevLeChain - An Open Blockchain Development Platform for Decentralized Applications" has been accepted by IEEE Blockchain 2022. Congratulations Wayne!

June, 2022   Our paper "Mosaic - A Blockchain Consensus Algorithm Based on Random Number Generation" has been accepted by IEEE Blockchain 2022. Congratulations Zhengzhong!

June, 2022   Our paper "Security Analysis in Satellite Communication based on Geostationary Orbit" has been accepted by PST 2022. Congratulations Jacob and Mikkel!

June, 2022   Our paper "Designing In-Air Hand Gesture-based User Authentication System via Convex Hull" has been accepted by PST 2022. Congratulations Yiming!

Mar., 2022   Our AirChain project will give a demo in IEEE ICBC 2022!

Nov., 2021   Our BlockCycle project has received the Honorary Mention Award for IEEE ComSoc Student Competition "Communications Technology Changing the World" 2021. Congratulations Wayne!

Sep., 2021   Our paper "Towards DTW-based Unlock Scheme using Handwritten Graphics on Smartphones" has been accepted by IEEE MSN 2021. Congratulations Li!

Sep., 2021   Our paper "BALSAPro: Towards A Security Protocol for Bluetooth Low Energy" has been accepted by IEEE MSN 2021. Congratulations Mohamad!

Aug., 2021   Our paper "My Data, My Control: A Secure Data Sharing and Access Scheme over Blockchain" has been accepted by JISA (Elsevier).

Aug., 2021   Our paper "NGS: Mitigating DDoS Attacks using SDN-based Network Gate Shield" has been accepted by GLOBECOM 2021. Congratulations Suhel!

Aug., 2021   Our paper "ActAnyware - Blockchain-based Software Licensing Scheme" has received the best paper award by BlockSys 2021. Congratulations Wayne!

May, 2021   Our paper "Mind the Amplification: Cracking Content Delivery Networks via DDoS Attacks" has been accepted by WASA 2021. Congratulations Zihao!

Apr., 2021   Our paper "Mind the Scraps: Attacking Blockchain based on Selfdestruct" has been accepted by ACISP 2021.

Dec., 2020   Our paper "NoPKI - A Point-to-Point Trusted Third Party Service based on Blockchain Consensus Algorithm" has received the Best Paper Award by FCS 2020. Congratulations Wayne!

Dec., 2020   Our SpaCCS paper has received the Best Student Paper Award by SpaCCS 2020. Congratulations Wayne!

Nov., 2020   Our paper "Towards Decentralized Bicycle Insurance System Based on Blockchain" has been accepted by ACM SAC 2021. Congratulations Wayne!

Oct., 2020   Our paper "ChainPKI - Towards EThash-based Decentralized PKI with Privacy Enhancement" has been accepted by IEEE DSC 2021.

Oct., 2020   Our paper "I Can Think Like You! Towards Reaction Spoofing Attack on Brainwave-based Authentication" has been accepted by SpaCCS 2020.

Oct., 2020   Our paper "Evaluation of Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection with Combined Imbalance Correction and Feature Selection" has been accepted by NSS 2020.

Oct., 2019   Our paper "Towards Secure Open Banking Architecture: An Evaluation with OWASP" has been accepted by NSS 2019.

May, 2019   Our paper "CyberShip-IoT: A Dynamic and Adaptive SDN-Based Security Policy Enforcement Framework for Ships" has been accepted by Future Generation Computer Systems.

July, 2018   Our paper "CyberShip: An SDN-based Autonomic Attack Mitigation Framework for Ship Systems" has been accepted by SciSec 2018.

June, 2018   Our paper "Analyzing the Communication Security between Smartphones and IoT based on CORAS" has been accepted by NSS 2018.



Weizhi Meng Weizhi Meng
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Office: Room 230, Building 322
Email: weme [AT] dtu.dk

I have been fortunate to work with the following students over the years.

PhD Students

Brooke Elizabeth Lampe [2022.11-]
Project: A Deep Learning and Blockchain-based IDS for Autonomous Vehicles in Smart Cities
Research Interest: Autonomous Vehicles, Cyber Security, Deep Learning

Wei-Yang Chiu [2019.12-2023.03]
Project: NoPKI: A Point-to-Point Trusted Party Service based on Blockchain Consensus Algorithm
Research Interest: Cyber Security, Blockchain

Eirik Oterholm Nielsen [2021.01-2023.12]
Project: Youth Communities for Cyber Security focusing on Offensive Security
Research Interest: Cyber Security

(Alumni) Shizra Sultan [2018.02-2021.06]
Project: Context-Aware Access Control
Special project/course: Privacy measures for protecting personal information in Smart Cities
Research Interest: Cyber Security, Access Control

Postdoctoral Researcher

Wei-Yang Chiu [2023.03-2023.12]
Research Interest: Cyber Security, Blockchain

(Alumni) Rishikesh Sahay [2017.12-2019.5]
Research Interest: Cyber Security, SDN Security

Master Students

Stefanie Nielson [2023.09-2024.02]
Project: Cloud-based Intrusion Detection Systems with AI-driven Decision Support

Marius Mateescu [2023.09-2024.02]
Project: Security of BLE-Based Smart Locks: Vulnerability Assessment and Authentication Enhancements

Gustav Emi Nobert and Anton Ost Schmidt [2023.09-2024.02]
Project: Smart Grids Empowered: Decentralized Power Distribution Using Blockchain

Louis Christensen [2023.08-2024.01]
Project: Forensic analysis of encrypted mobile apps

Jiaxuan Wu [2023.06-2023.11]
Project: Exploring EEG-Based Multi-Modal Authentication Systems Against Shoulder Surfing Attacks: A Study

Andreas Fo Larsen [2023.04-2023.09]
Project: Improving identification of attack surfaces through enrichment of open source intelligence

Vince Biro [2023.02-2023.08]
Project: Secure IoT Firmware Dispatch System with Blockchain

Albert Planes Seuma [2023.02-2023.07]
Project: An analysis of modern malware: monitorization, replication and mitigation of the main tool of the cybercriminals

Elena Catalina Barbulescu [2023.02-2023.07]
Project: EEG data collection framework for a unique pattern recognition used for an authentication token

Chunxue Li [2023.02-2023.07]
Project: EEG-based Authentication With Transformer

Razy Youhana Adam [2023.01-2023.05]
Project: Securing 5G positioning with the help of Zero Trust Architecture

Zheng Wang [2023.01-2023.07]
Project: A Novel Process for EEG-based Authentication with Motor Imagery Brain-Computer Interface

Isaac Irani [2023.02-2023.07]
Project: Migration to a Kubernetes based Microservice Architecture managed with a Service Mesh

Sarwar Alam Sajib [2023.01-2023.06]
Project: Fuzzing Smart Contracts in Blockchain for Vulnerability Detection

Bingkun Wu [2022.09-2023.03]
Project: Toward correctness for entity stream on distributed system

Jacob Ruager [2022.09-2023.02]
Project:Planning, Designing and Implementing a Security Operations Center for a Managed Service Provider

Jyoti Prabha Tuladhar [2022.08-2023.01]
Project:Blockchain Based IDS for Energy Infrastructure

Grzegorz Jacek Kot [2022.08-2023.01]
Project:Security of offshore installation operations against the threat of AIS spoofing

Rami Haddad [2022.08-2023.06]
Porject: Open API Specification Extended Security Scheme: A method to reduce the prevalence of Broken Object Level Authorization

Alexander Welsch Carlsen [2022.08-2023.06]
Porject: Automation of SOC analysis using SOAR

Alexandru Rusescu [2022.03-2022.08]
Project: Enabling user privacy in online settings

Johan Hagelskjar Sjursen [2022.02-2022.07]
Project: Scaling decentralized blockchains

Abdelali Khatibi [2022.01-2022.07]
Project: Securing cloud native applications

Andreas Moller Jorgensen (Co-Supervised) [2022.01-2022.07]
Project: Supersingular Isogeny Diffie Hellman Key Exchange / Lattice-based cryptography

Janis Jorg Stielow [2022.01-2022.06]
Project: Analysing Blockchain Ethics using Directed Acyclic Graphs

Bodi [2021.10-2022.03]
Project: Intrusion detection-enabled blockchain based vehicular navigation map system

Zhengzhong Sun [2021.09-2022.03]
Project: A consensus algorithm based on Random Number Generation

Yiming Sun [2021.09-2022.03]
Project: An authentication system based on in-air gesture

Mads Solberg Collingwood Pyke [2021.09-2022.02]
Project: Explainable deep learning for changes in firewall rules based on internal network traffic

Fahad Ali Sajad [2021.09-2022.04]
Project: Secure validation of e-tickets in transit scenarios
Special project/course: Research on existing solutions for e-ticket validation in transit scenarios

Rami Haddad [2021.08-2022.07]
Project: Open API Specification Extended Security Scheme: A method to reduce the prevalence of Broken Object Level Authorization
Research in collaboration with Cisco

Mikkel Bochman and Jacob Krabbe Pedersen [2021.08-2022.01]
Project: Security in satellite communication

Jonathan Kvist Brittain [2021.06-2022.06]
Project: Scalable and privacy-preserving blockchain-based parking system [2022.01-2022.06]
Special project/course: Privacy preserving and GDPR compliant Blockchain-based applications
Special project/course: Blockchain-based Parking System in Denmark

Xingguo Sun [2021.02-2021.07]
Project: A transfer deep learning based intrusion detection system

Mohamad Muwfak Hlal [2021.01-2021.06]
Project: Security and Authentication in BLE

Andrei Nicolae Calugar [2020.10-2021.04]
Project: Intrusion detection based on artificial neural network approach

Li Wang [2020.7-2021.01]
Project: An Unlock scheme on mobile phones using handwritten graphics
Special project/course: Forgery difficulty prediction of handwritten graphics password

Gergely Tusko [2020.09-2021.03]
Project: Extending pattern-based authentication on Android with biometrics

Zihao Li [2020.08-2021.01]
Project: Analysis of DDoS attacks against content delivery networks

Martin Hemmingsen and Benjamin Wrist Lam [2020.08-2021.01]
Project: Pattern Matching for Intrusion Detection Systems

Mads Kring Jakobsen [2020.08-2021.01]
Project: Security in Microservice Architectures

Mohamad Suhel Hicham Aldalati [2020.03-2020.10]
Project: Mitigating IoT-based DDoS attacks using SDN

Kamal Raj Sharma [2020.01-2020.08]
Project: Attacking and Protection of Social Media Networks

Malamin Bah [2020.01-2020.06]
Project: Hybrid IDS using machine learning in cloud environments

Alexander Godeke [2020.01-2020.06]
Project: Machine Learning for IDS alert classification

Kiruthiga Subramanian [2019.08-2020.03]
Project: Threat Detection using Elastic Stack

Anojjan Kanagaratnam [2019.03-2019.08]
Project: Privacy Enhancement for Public Train Ticket System

Abdirizak Abdirahman Mohamud Yusuf [2019.01-2019.07]
Project: Designing Attacks on Cybership Controllers

Nur-A Azad and Motalib Hossain Bhuyan [2018.01-2018.07]
Project: Securing Communication Channel between Smartphones and IoT

Haotian Liu and Zheng Zhu [2023.02-2023.05]
Special project/course: Machine learning and security issues for gait recognition systems

Yiming Sun [2023.01-2023.03]
Special project/course: Optimize In-Air Hand Gesture-Based User Authentication System

Peichen Liu and Jiaxuan Wu [2023.02-2023.04]
Special project/course: Polymorphic Game-related Malware Detection

Bingkun Wu [2021.08-2021.12]
Special project/course: Research on EEG-based Biometric

Jiaxuan Wu [2021.09-2021.12]
Special project/course: Research on Used Computer Trading System via Blockchain

Giacomo Peter Troiano [2021.02-2021.05]
Special project/course: Web Application Security Testing

Andrei Sabau [2020.08-2020.11]
Special project/course: IoT Security Overview

Gonzalo Rubio Casas [2019.09-2019.10]
Special project/course: Logging Gathering and Processing for Security Incidents

Bilal Ahmad El Ghoul [2019.04-2019.05]
Special project/course: Introduction to Reverse Engineering

Bachelor Students

Victor Rodrigues Andersen, Bastian Preisel, and August Lykke Thomsen [2022.03-2022.06]
Project: 6G Connection Strategy with Blockchain

Mikkel Theiss Westermann [2022.02-2022.05]
Project: Blockchain-based Enterprise Resources Planning

Ugne Adamonyte [2022.02-2022.05]
Project: Popular web security methods in modern software applications

Sara Maria Guijarro [2021.09-2022.01]
Project: Explainable deep learning for changes in firewall rules based on internal network traffic

Wictor Lang Jensen and Sille Jessing [2021.02-2021.07]
Project: Design of a blockchain-based supply chain for airports

Malthe Andreas Lejbolle Jelstrup and Simon Lucas Jonker [2021.02-2021.06]
Project: Detecting post editing of images using machine learning and data mining

Katherine Cardoso Petulante Fernandes [2021.02-2021.05]
Project: Designing a web-scraping tool for detecting malware based on IOCs

Simon Lucas Jonker [2021.02-2021.04]
Project: Browser extension with prompt for entity / IOC for OSINT Collection

Andreas Heidelbach Engly and Anton Ruby Larsen [2020.02-2020.05]
Project: Machine Learning Techniques for Intrusion Detection Systems

Christian Sulbak Bogelund and Deina Kellezi [2019.01-2019.06]
Project: Open Banking Security

Team Awards/Recognition

Best Paper Award for ProvSec 2022
Best Paper Award for SciSec 2022
Honorary Mention Award for IEEE ComSoc Student Competition "Communications Technology Changing the World" 2021 (Wei-Yang Chiu)
Award for IEEE ComSoc EMEA Region Call for Student Project Ideas for Industry Panels (Mohamad Muwfak Hlal)
Best Paper Award for BlockSys 2021
Best Student Paper Award for SpaCCS 2020
Best Paper Award for FCS 2020
Award for IEEE ComSoc EMEA Region Call for Student Project Ideas for Industry Panels (Wei-Yang Chiu)


SPTAGE Lab research platform/output/tool:
(Disclaimer: please use the patform/tool for academic purposes and at your own risk)

DevLeChain: A Blockchain Development Platform for Researchers and Educators
(IEEE Blockchain 2022)
Put Blockchain Technology Application and Development at Ease
DevLeChain Dowload IEEE Blockchain 2022 Paper
IDS for CAN (IEEE Globecom 2022)
A Practical Intrusion Detection System for CAN Bus Security
App Demo Source Code Our Collected Dataset
BlockFW (Securware 2022)
Blockchain-based Rule-Sharing Firewall
Source Code Securware 2022 Paper
A Security Protocol for Bluetooth Low Energy
Backend server GATT client IEEE MSN 2021 Paper
Phone Unlock Scheme using Handwritten Graphics (IEEE MSN 2021)
DTW-based Verification Algorithm for Verification
Demo IEEE MSN 2021 Paper
Brainwave-based Authentication
Datasets Collection (Coming soon)
Learn more
Securing Open Banking (Nordea Bank)
Model-View-Controller Architecture and The OWASP Methogology
Code WCMC Paper 2021
Online User Privacy (ACHI 2023)
Privacy Protection via Supervised Learning
Source Code ACHI 2023 Paper

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